Esi-isät ja -äidit - Ancestral Fathers and Mothers
Photo: Marina Mongush

(Ancestral Fathers and Mothers honouring with Mongush Kenin-Lopsan and grand-daughter in Tuva.)

Song II: Death, Dying and Transformation

Part of the Dance of Raven set

From a shamanic – animistic viewpoint Death is a part of Life. Or is it the other way around? One of the important traditional skills of the shaman was to assist those who were actively dying or who died and assisted them to pass over into the Spirit World, be it Heaven, Nirvana, etc.

Participants will be exposed to a shamanic view of death and meeting death. This workshop is for those who want to understand better the passage of death and for those who working in a profession which keeps them near those who are dying-looking Death in the face, or dead and want an animistic – shamanic understanding.

Part of the four-day path will be working shamanically to familiarise yourself with regions where one goes after death; working with unfinished business with the Dead and the Living; making relationship with Death as an advisor to the Living, creating ritual and the psycho-pomp often used; and helping people to cross the borders between Life and Death and Finding the Path. And often involved is helping the Living to continue to Live and Remember with Joy and Celebration.

Although Christiana draws from a multi-cultural base, her focus is upon Tuvan shamanism as she learned whilst in Tuva as well as how song is used in Grief (Karelian keening tradition).

This workshop is not intended as a therapy course.
A basic workshop is prerequisite. If in doubt, ask.