Luonnonhenget - Spirits of Nature
Preseli Bluestone, Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Photo: Christiana Harle.

Spirits of Nature

Most of the time will be spent outdoors working with the land. During this week-long period participants learn more of the Shaman’s personal story as a Healer. The shaman’s cooperation with the Spirits of Nature has been the backbone in shamanic healing. Without them the shaman and the people were unable to live in relative harmony with their surroundings. Without this balance the sources of food, medicine, and shelter were destroyed causing groups, even nations, to relocate, perhaps to disappear.

The shaman’s role is as a peace-keeper with the Sprits of Nature. The shaman is the walker between the worlds who through their own life embodies this delicate balance in every day life. The change may be sublime. Participants are guided through different experiences with the surroundings to gain knowledge, gather information, restore, weave, tighten, even perhaps to sacrifice. We aim for nothing less than how to bring the information from the spirits of nature into ordinary life.

As we experience this ordinary life we can witness that we, our neighbours, our countries, our world as walking between peace and war with Mother Nature. She, however, just adjusts her skirts to get a bit more comfortable. Unfortunately, we two-legged seem bent on trying to beat her and just rip her skirts off.

This workshop is for those who want to delve deep into natural ecology. Through the shamanic journey, being indoors and outdoors, we seek nothing less than to cooperate with Land, Fire, Air and Water to bring understanding and perhaps healing to the people through various ways of working with Mother Earth and one another.  We spend a week of dancing, weaving, walking in the lands of sunset and sunrise.

Participants will have the possibility to sit out for the night (ulko-istuminen/ üt-sitting) at least one time to work with the spirits of nature.

Prerequisite: The Shaman’s Journey basic workshop or you have worked privately with someone else. Please check with Christiana if unsure. 

The workshop is drug- and alcohol free, as are all of the workshops.

A shortened version of this is also available.