Shamaanin matka - Shaman's Journey

Shaman’s Journey – basic workshop

Prerequisite for most other advanced workshops

Shamanism contains humanity’s oldest spiritual practice. Within are traditions for healing and problem solving. It is a way of maintaining balance and understanding within the individual and between the individual and all of creation.
This workshop contains teachings about the shamanic way, shamanic techniques and the animistic worldview. Animism is the worldview that all are alive, all is spirit and this is the foundation of the shaman’s path.

As this is a general introduction into shamanism, we may only touch upon some of the similarities or differences between various cultures of the world which express shamanic ways. Finland, Saame, Evenki, Tuvans, Mongolia, Turkey, almost all continents and peoples, have had or continue to have ancient shamanic or shamanic-like traditions. One thing in common is that shamans (general use of the word) are first and foremost, healers. Not everyone is a shaman, yet we all have the ability to work shamanically.

During this basic introduction, participants explore some of the main ideas and ways used for thousands of years: the shaman’s journey to the world of the spirits. We turn to the traditions of singing, dancing, drumming and rattling to help us shift our consciousness, meet our spirit helpers and explore the spirit world and return with our remembered experiences to this reality. In that other reality, the spirit world, one can learn and understand more about power and knowledge for oneself and others, relearn communication and immersion with the world, the spirits, and the spirit side of Nature. Basic shamanic healing is also introduced.

In our circle, we share our experiences of the journeys and begin to learn how to understand them as well as how to ask questions. Within our circle we learn even more from listening to others’ experiences, their stories. We look closely at the ethics of shamanic healing work and see how shamanism can empower our everyday lives. We may receive inspiration to reawaken our own earth-based animistic spiritual path which then gives to back to Mother Earth and all our kin.

Christiana threads together what she has gathered/lived/learned over many decades of shamanic healing experiences and ceremonies. As always, spirits guide the group and this workshop reflects the needs of those who gather together at this time.

This is a drug-free (hallucinogen, alcohol also) workshop. Workshop is in English and/or Finnish.