Trees, photo: Christiana Harle
Trees, photo: Christiana Harle

Introduction to Singing Our Womb

This is a gathering of Women for Women to delve into their voices catching the golden web of their Wombs and Heart spinning inward and outward with Spirit. The Great Spirit. The Mother Earth. The connection between our Songs and each other is woven into the magic and unlimited power of Song and the unfettered Womb. It runs through our bloodlines and across all cultures. It is about communication. When Spirit, our hearts and our womb are open to Song what Voices shall pour forth?

We explore our voices and the messages we received when younger about giving Voice; then crawl, roll, dance, walk and Sing into the grace of Spirit and our Womb to bring forth a glimmering of our own songs. Opening up to Sound, to Voice, to Song, Mother Nature and our own cauldron can feel daunting. Can we open our mouths as well? How can we use our breath? Can we sing in tune – my womb and I? Can we Sing and let our Voices rise and fall as well as give our Womb a Song? Yes, we can.

I will draw upon Tuvan shamanic songs, Karelian rune-songs, the Hum of the Hive, Breath and many years of experience using Voice in shamanic healing work and connecting with Spirit as well as women’s work. This workshop is to help give you courage to open the crack a wee bit, to be vulnerable and too be heard.

You do not need any vocal/singing experience.
You do need to have a power animal or spirit helper, know how to meditate, journey and think!
For those whose wombs have been removed, Welcome.
For those who are M2F please contact me (Christiana) directly before committing