Welcome to Sola Voima!

Sola Voima is the hive of Christiana Aro-Harle.

Sola comes from Sun. She shines giving light into the dark places. She shines to help growth. Sun, Sol, Saule, Saul, Päivätär – the Bee, the flying Sun of honey and sting, gathering, collecting, coming together to Live and be part of the circle of Life and Transformation.

Sola, the song and voice of the solfeggio. The counterpoints of so- and la-, where one can transpose, transform in music. All sing.

Sola, the small village in Polvijärvi, where Sola Voima was birthed.

Sola, the narrow land place between two bodies of water. Where a narrow sometimes winding path if followed guides you through the seemingly impassable to the other side.

Voima is power – power as in all-inclusive, embodiment of holding, flowing, cutting, weaving, tying together, creating with hands, and having profound embodied knowledge of craft (Kraft).

Voima is where everyone sits in circle, fire in the centre, and all see the dancing reflections in each others faces. All dance.

Voima is feet rooted in mother earth and hands uplifted in peace and joy of connection to Life.

Sola Voima is for the Earth and all Her inhabitants: past, present and future.

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