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Sola Voima is the hive of Christiana Harle. As in a hive, all have a place and responsibility. To the untrained observer a bee-hive can look in disarray: all those bees buzzing around, going in and out, flying here and there. But when you peek carefully into the hive you find all quite in their place and all things orderly. Sure, there may be some wild-comb- but the core is present.

So – La: do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti-do… solfeggio. So & La are the counterpoint – one can move either way, up or down, transform and transpose. The healing scale. Sola is a small village in Polvijärvi where I first lived. Sol-a is an irregular form of Sol – Sun. Sola is female alone. Sola is the narrow place with one narrow path on the land that one has to pass through in order to get to the other side. It is a risky area.

Voima is power – power as in all inclusive, empowerment is an inadequate word but as close as it comes.

Sola Voima is the creative embodiment of all, holding and flowing, cutting and weaving, being the prey and predator, the sting and the honey and the pro-polis.

Are you creating a picture in your mind’s eye? Add this now to your wax-combs.

Sola Voima is for the Earth and all Her inhabitants: past, present and future.

For more information please look through the pages and/or contact Christiana.

The story behind the name Sola Voima

In 2000 I moved to North Karelia from the “Ring III” inner regions (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa). North Karelia was then the wild, wild East! This was a place where I could do anything perhaps! At least that was the feeling then!

I did not want to return to working for someone else and continue with my passions and life path as side-dishes. This was the chance to pull together all the tools, learnings, work experiences and travels that I held in my pockets and create something new.

Back then I didn’t do all of what Sola Voima does now. The consistent Red Thread was then and now animism/shamanic healing and workshops. Because I wanted to support myself I knew that I needed to get all the ingredients onto business registrar. I am most certainly the first person in Finland who has used the word shamanism/shamanic/shamaanismi in their business registration and tax declarations.

Still, something was missing. So, following the old tradition of dreaming which has been with me since childhood…

I asked before sleeping: How do I get bread on the table?”

I walked out the front door of the great log house I lived in then. There in the yard Mother Bear stood behind a huge iron pot. 300l iron pot. Steam rising. Enveloping her face and shoulders.

I asked her my question. Her huge brown nose rose through the steam and she answered: Soap.”

“Soap?!” I retorted. What the ?”#)! I know nothing about soap. Don’t even like using most of the soaps out there because I have sensitive skin and eczema which shows up now and again.

And so she and I discussed ethics of making soap, parameters, and ingredients. Details can be found on solasaippua.fi pages.

I awoke hollering in delight: Soap from Sola… Sola Voima!”

Now some eighteen years later, having moved from the small village of Sola and from the great house as well as selling off the soap-part in 2011, I ponder anew. What stays in my hive? What is crowding and needs removal? What is given more space, or cleaned up?

Thus these web-pages are expanding and evolving because as a dear friend said: Chrissy, it’s really hard to find you!”

I can be found wherever needed and called too. I work out of my forest home when in Rääkkylä as well as in Olari, Espoo.


1.-3.11.2019, Ruotsinpyhtää:
– Sadonkorjuu, Kuolema ja Elämä piiri
2.-8.12.2019, Tallinn:
– Hoidot/shamanic healing services (except 6.-7.12.)
21.-24.5.2020, Ruotsinpyhtää:
– Ääni, Jooga ja Luonnon kansa -retriitti
11.-16.6.2020, Ruotsinpyhtää:
– Luonnonhenget
3.-5.7.2020, Ruotsinpyhtää:
– Shamaanin matka -peruskurssi
7.-12.7.2020, Ruotsinpyhtää:
– Rummunsynnytys
6.-14.8.2020, near Ruotsinpyhtää:
– Vision Quest

Please contact Christiana for available times: info (ät) solavoima.fi

Upcoming courses
Tulevat kurssit

Šamaani Tee
Introduction to the Shaman’s Path

Šamaani Tee
Pühapäev, 31. märts kell 10:00 – 19:00
Devi Reikistuudio, Tartu

Introduction to the Shaman’s Path
Sunday, 31st of March 10:00 – 19:00
Devi Reikistuudio, Tartu, Estonia