Sola Voima services

  • Workshops, presentations and ceremonies on shamanic healing, shamanism and the Shamanic path
  • Individual and communal shamanic healing and counselling
  • Shamanic drum-birthing for groups and individuals
  • The Voice and expression workshops, throat energy centre teaching
  • Music Therapy services
  • Celebrant for weddings, funerals, name-giving, rites-of-passage
  • Dwellings, businesses, land purifications, blessings
  • Sacred Sauna
  • Being on the Land and Nature practices and teachings
  • Individual and group Breathwork sessions: psychophysical, conscious, rebirthing
  • Workshops and presentations regarding Breathwork: psychophysical, conscious, rebirthing
  • Spirit Voice singing/performance
  • Mentoring individuals and assisting entrepreneurs
  • Women’s ways- shamanic folk healing
  • Bee-keeping
  • Doula services
  • Translation services Finnish to English
  • Seasonal – gig-work: berry and apple pressing, cider-making
  • Singer and fiddle player
  • Workers well-being education and wellness days in English and Finnish

Workplace communities, village communities, associations, foundations are welcome to contact me! Please do!