Shamanic Song in Tuva
Shamanic Song in Tuva

Shamanic Song in Tuva and Finland: Healing and Curses

Advanced workshop

During this 3-day workshop explore some of the cultural background of Tuvan and Finnish shamanic song used for healing and removing curses. Both are rooted in the animistic tradition where everything is alive and has a Spirit. Shamans in both places work with these songs – and are not shy about their abilities.

The tradition of song in healing is rooted in many cultures and oral history. The algyshtar of the Tuvan shaman (kham/khamnar) and the loitsu of the Finnish tietäjä (shaman) are known to remove curses, shape-shift, heal wounds, find objects, send the dead forward, find and return lost souls, make extractions, even raise the dead and sing someone into a swamp. There are many similarities between these two cultures. One common element is that both Tuvan and Finnish shamanic songs rely on words to create.

We will open our voices and ourselves to allowing our Spirit Helpers to find our song roots in creating charm songs – songs of power. This will be an adventure into using our voices and our language tied into our own culture.

Requirements: core-shamanic journeying techniques, solid connection to at least one of your power animals/spirit helpers, a drum that you can hold for indefinite amount of time, The ability to sing in tune is not required.