The Way of Moon

So she/he circles around us. In Tuva the Moon is a male: you never know where and when he shows up, rises! We are Blessed by the light of the moon, kith in the heavens. The Mistress in the Moon, the Man in the Moon, the Hare… but what do you know of Moon? This workshop we learn about Moon. Anyone who wants to deepen their work outdoors, with the land, with magic, eco psychology, nature guides, with healing, gardening, oceans, with cycles and rites of passage are welcome.

Throughout cultures in the World Moon has an impact on our lives physically, even mentally, so the people say. There is folklore, tales, folk beliefs, teachings about Moon. My teacher for this was the moon, my birth-father and then in very practical terms, Annette Høst. She refers to it as “Magic Moon University”!

Layers upon layers are found within the Moon Circle. The teachings are woven in practical and spiritual paths, being indoor and outdoor experiences. We work through images, cycles and the rites of passage within the female or male cycles (for now each gender has its own workshop) in a broad sense as well as personal journey. Through shamanic journeying we gather information, insights, and teachings of this magical being of Sky.

This is a good follow-up workshop after Shaman’s journey basic workshop as we strengthen our connections with our helpers, the Spirits of Nature and techniques of journeying.

A workshop in basic shamanic journeying is necessary for participation or you have worked with someone and know how to journey having a strong connection with your spirit helpers. If you are interested and not familiar to this way, please contact Christiana for more information.

This workshop is in English, Finnish translation as needed.

Please note: M2F please contact Christiana if you are interested. Most welcome!

A workshop and retreat for Women only. Men’s workshop and retreat planned for 2020-2021.