Photo: Christiana Harle
Photo: Christiana Harle

(On a trip from Helsinki to Inari and back again – this jumping spider made a small web in the driver’s side mirror. Some days she was visible riding along, and some days in the corner out of the wind. When we stopped on the way home she was still there. Alas, back in the home yard she was gone…)

Song III: Ancestral Fathers and Mothers and Shamanic healing

Part of the Dance of Raven set

For ages shamans and animistic cultures have honoured their ancestors. Hints can be found also in major religions too. Our relatives and forefathers and foremothers experienced Life: traumas, tragedies, love, comedy, curses, loneliness, etc. happened and can bring their shadow or entangle us and even bless all those who came afterwards. Their lives may have gathered together to unfold in our own lives and the lives of our children. Most often the ancestors are neglected and forgotten.
This can create many generations of ill-will, stories of disownment, regret, bitterness, etc. in our families. Often in many cultures if they are not remembered their presence may be known through different illnesses, for example, and even confuse or restrict us and our descendants from living healthier lives. This can also be on a larger scale which includes Mother Earth. Our responsibility is to re-honour and re-member them so that we carry them in a wholesome way in this day and age.

During this workshop we use the shamanic journey to work with our own blood ancestors, the unfinished business and work with different ways to clear the way for ourselves and our descendants. We call forth and create connection with our forefathers and mothers as well as other teachers in the Spirit World which are compassionate and willing to help us in our own lives. We create also rituals to maintain these connections in our daily lives.

Working and cooperating with the ancestors, when coming from cultures which are bent on forgetting them can be a place of core-healing. Christiana brings in threads from other cultures’ ways with the Ancestors. It is desired that as we gather the threads from our collective shamanic work we ground them in the present day.

The course is intended for those grounded and experienced in the basic shamanic journey. Any doubts, please contact Christiana. Because we do shamanic work with Death this workshop is also recommended for those who are interested in working with the dying or the deceased and of course for those who are interested in doing healing work for others.

The workshop is for learning shamanic techniques and about shamanic healing is grounded in animistic world view. It is not intended as a therapy course. Basic workshop is required. Soul’s Path and return is highly recommended but not necessary.