My interest in breath work grew out of singing shamanic healing songs, singing, expression and interest in chemistry.

I met a wonderful woman in Estonia who was a breathworker (Kert Grunberg) and was invited to join a training programme in Estonia taught by Rani Spets, Sophia Sjöblom, and Bo Wahlström (, three Swedish experts (Inspiraktiva) on Conscious and Re-birthing (Free) Breathwork.

The programme consisted of over 300 hours of theory and practice, going to therapy 60 hrs; long list of required and recommended reading; 90 hrs of practise and supervision; 50 reports and 5 summaries as well as the final diploma work.


After that I cured the asthma diagnosis which the doctors were sure I had. They were not happy when I told them: NO. I did not use the inhaler during the trial period. “Well, how did you get better and such high PEFF readings?, the technician asked. Answer: Conscious breathwork.

Several years later I completed Hengitys itsesäätelyn – 5 op, course with Minna Martin and Rauni Nissinen. This opened up a doorway into how it can be used in a different way. Not better – just different.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is free medicine. From the first breath to the last breath. We can use breath to change the chemistry in our body, our emotions, our thoughts, our being. We are not alone. It can unite groups, couples, and families. Everyone experiences breathwork differently and there is no right or wrong.

It can bring up trauma and melt away trauma. Breath is instrumental in pain control – or pain release. Breathwork can help people discover connection with Spirit (God, Buddha, etc etc). Shadow emotions- repressed emotions can be brought out to the light and worked with. Creative energy can be accessed. Borders and boundaries can be made and rediscovered.

The possibilities are endless through conscious, transformative breathwork.

An individual session lasts for 1.5 – 2 hrs. Preferably we contract for ten sessions because this is what seems to allow transformation to take place, to be able to notice differences of before and after- to see results. This also allows for any breathwork with trauma. Each time you leave with another breath “tool” in your pocket.

Group sessions are approximately 2-3 hrs.

Large groups: there are a variety of exercises or experiences which can be brought forth.

For group and individual training / sessions please contact Christiana.


Lyhyesti suomeksi:

Ihminen on käyttänyt hengitystekniikoita avukseen niin pitkään kuin hän on ollut tietoinen itsestään, mielen ja ruumiin kokonaisuudesta. Olemme selvittäneet historiamme aikana monia asioita hengityksen ymmärryksestä ja sen käytöstä. Tämä tietotaito pitäisi pystyä soveltamaan myös nykypäivän ihmisen arkeen, miten käyttää sitä terveytemme ja hyvinvointiimme edistämiseksi. Tutkiaksemme hengitystekniikoita ja –pedagokiikkaa meidän pitää valita holistinen asenne terapiaan, niin että pystyisimme sisällyttämään parantavaan prosessiin tietoisuuden ja elämän kaikkinensa.



From the pages of International Breathwork Foundation:

“Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation.

When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies.

Most breathwork techniques used what we call “conscious connected breathing”. Connecting the inhale with the exhale consciously and continuously quickly connects us to our core, to each other, to Nature and to our wider existence. Conscious Breathing opens a channel to the deeper realities of life, providing the groundwork for personal development and reaching higher states of consciousness.

Breath mastery can be used to enhance development and learning on all levels.

The world of breathwork contains a diversity of approaches and schools. Among the most prominent are: Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breathwork, Integrative Breathwork.”

Conscious breathing is the practice of breathing with awareness, intention and attention to your inner experience, in the present moment.

Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; between the conscious and the subconscious. “Conscious Breathing” is one of the quickest ways to open our hearts to love and inner peace, and to fill our bodies with life and health.
Conscious breathing can be as simple as a few minutes’ exercise to promote mental focus and relax the body. It can be practiced by all ages in all circumstances including schools, the workplace, hospitals, and during periods of stress, including post-traumatic situations, etc. When used regularly, It can help people develop the skill of relaxation, even in challenging situations. Conscious Breathing is also the base of many meditation and yoga practices and is used in the preparation and cool-down phases of many physical activities.

Conscious breathing practices can vary in duration and intensity, as well as in the form of breathing used.”