Stream, photo: Christiana Harle
Stream, photo: Christiana Harle

Spirit Voice: staff and song

Recreating old forms requires spinning through the centre of the Web and going out upon the Strands of Time. It is a birth of something new with roots grounded firmly in Mother Earth. We explore how to bring Voice and the Journey into a specific way of working with Spirit and Community Seidr.

In part, this workshop contains elements of The Song of the Shaman but takes a turn on the path of the Volva, the Seeress, the prophetic one, the emblazoner of stinging words and honeyed truths with her magical healing songs. Through the Singing Voice, the ritual seat and staff we work with being the hollow bone, opening to Spirit and Community to heal through the practise of Seidr based on the amazing historical and practical work of Annette Høst. Annette was my first teacher on new Seidr back in early 90s.

Much time will be spent in Nature as this is a source of knowing and flowing. Work with the Staff, found in many cultures, will be a beloved companion and guide in awakening Voice and singing the Journey.

A basic workshop in Shamanic journeying is necessary. Good connection with your Spirit Helpers.

Annette Høst ( is for me the godmother of returning Seidr (new Seidr) and the Staff to the present as practised in the Scandic lands. She began her work in Nature, with the Spirits, grounding her teachings and in-depth historical research of the tradition of Seidr and the Volva back in the mid 80s. Her current book (JORDEN SYNGER (2005; 2nd edition 2014) explores the roots of shamanism in Nordic spiritual traditions, myth and nature. (It is in Danish, and can be read by both Norwegians and Swedes.) A second book is emerging hopefully by the end of 2018. Annette was one of my first guides-teachers on this shamanic path. She is companion and heart-friend. Thankful for her gratefulness!