Hartwell Vision Quest with Annie Spencer & Christiana Harle

A Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self Healing

“Where there is no vision the people perish” Hebrew

Since time immemorial people have gone to the wilderness to seek guidance and renewal; to call for vision and healing; to find a new way of living that is in harmony with the earth. At this time of crisis for our world, visionaries are needed for our community. It is a time to remember Black Elk’s prayer: ’Oh Great Spirit, be merciful to me [bring me vision] that my people may live.’

The Hartwell Vision Quest has been created to assist those who call for their dream of life. Participation on a Vision Quest starts long before one walks into the wilderness of nature. The seeds may have been planted long ago, in childhood, and your arrival may seem part of a process unfolding steadily and naturally. Or the decision may be sudden, a crisis of transition causing something long-hidden to burst forth with compelling force, a force one cannot deny or refuse. Or it may just seem ‘the right time’, an affirmative way to answer a question, mark a change or renew the spirit. Alone, in nature, we stand before our mother the earth; we stand before our gods and goddesses.

During our time away the quester spends some days in preparation, receiving teachings both spiritual and practical, getting to know the land, letting go of the everyday world. Then you go out to quest for four days and nights. On your return, the days of integration are important: each story is witnessed and teaching is given to help illuminate the visions, dreams and signs that have come.

This is a powerful ceremony so the sooner you commit to it the better so that you have a good preparation time.

We aim to send out about five to seven people. Teaching is mostly in English, with Finnish as needed.

As this is a such a personal and strong ceremony, we suggest that you contact Annie to talk about it mobile phone / WhatsUp / FaceTime: +44 (0) 7805 078858 (-2 hrs from Finland). Send an email to : subject Vision Quest.

Please, check Current from the home page, if there is quest coming.

ANNIE SPENCER, a ceremonialist and workshop leader with an Oxford MA and a diploma in Humanistic Psychology, has been running groups and trainings for nearly forty years. Having been apprenticed in a Native American tradition and studied Guatemalan Mayan teachings, Annie weaves these with the traditions of her land. As a teacher, Annie opens pathways for others – illuminating their life’s journeys. Her primary interest is the renewal of ancient ceremonial forms for creating a path of beauty upon Grandmother Earth. Visit her website:

CHRISTIANA HARLE, a shamanic healer, holds degrees as a Music Therapist, Breathwork Therapist, Beekeeper with a diploma in Women’s Consciousness, as well as a shamanic drum-birther. She has been working in the field of shamanic healing for almost thirty years. Her path is woven with Land and Song, through Tuvan shamanic initiation with deepening paths into the Spirit of Song: the keener, the healer, the birther, the journey-er, the stinger. Christiana is passionate about supporting and guiding people to find their path, heal, remember and re-connect with Mother Earth and all Beings. Visit her website:

This quest is held to assist those who seek to find their true nature in Nature and who wish to ‘knock on the door of spirit’ in a gentle yet profound way.