Shamaanin matka: Luonnonhenkiin
Shaman’s journey: Spirits of Nature

4.- 9.09.2018
Shamaanin matka: Luonnonhenkiin

Upeissa maisemissa, tunturi-Lapissa. Ruska tekee tuloaan. Muodoslompolon alueelta löytyy voimakas luonto. Tuntureita, kairaa, seitakiviä, kaltioita. Jos haluatte koskettaa ja syventää omaa polkuanne, tervetuloa!

Shamaanin yhteistyö Luonnonhenkien kanssa on ollut shamanistisen parantamisen selkäranka. Kurssi on niille, jotka haluavat kaivautua syvälle luonnon ekologiaan mistä tahansa heille läheisestä. Keskustelemme Maan, Tulen, Ilman ja Veden kanssa. Teemme erilaisia shamanistisia parannusharjoituksia. Kävellemme auringonlaskun ja -nousun välimailla. Hinta sisältää majoitus ja ruoka.

Muodoslompolo, Ruotsi, Lappi
Hinta: 480 sis. Alv 24%

Varausmaksu: 150,00 € 30.06.
Koko viikko (perus- ja jatkokurssi) 710€ sis. Alv 24%

Jos osallistuu EDELLISEN vklp PERUSKURSSILLE, hinta on 440€ sis alv 24%
Maksu-ohjelma löytyy jos olet varusmies/nainen tai opiskelija tai ELÄT KELAn toimeentulotuella tai olet yksinhuoltaja tai sairauseläkeläinen. Alennukset saatavissa kun on 10 täyden hinnan maksavaa osallistujaa.


4.- 9.09.2018
Shaman’s journey: Spirits of Nature
Advanced workshop

Lapland: the season is turning to Autumn. The colours are transforming. The ground cover has her own colours; trees have their own; Sky has stars galore. Mother Earth has been giving up her bounty. We are on the tip-of-the-tail of summer and just beginning to kiss Autumn. Amazing land full of mountains and hills. Muodoslompolo area has seita stones, wilderness, springs and bare-topped fells. Reindeer herding, fishing, hunting and gathering are alive and well yet under threat through mining and logging. If you want to touch this region, we invite you to join us and deepen your shamanic path.

The shaman’s cooperation with the Spirits of Nature has been the backbone in shamanic healing. This workshop is for those who want to delve deep into natural ecology from any perspective they hold close to them now. Through the shamanic journey indoors and outdoors, to place of power and path we converse with Land, Fire, Air and Water. We also learn several healing techniques or methods. Price includes lodgings and meals.

Muodoslompolo, Swedish Lapland
Price: 480 VAT 24% incl.

Place Reservation: 150,00 € by 30.06.
Whole week (basic- & advanced) 710€ VAT 24% incl.

If you participate in the Shaman’s Journey basic workshop on the previous weekend the reduced price is 440€ VAT 24%. Bursary available when we have ten full-paying participants.
Price includes course site, lodgings, vegetarian meals, coffee/tea breaks, Christiana’s travel expenses and guidance, cook’s fee.
Contact Christiana info(at) for bank / Paypal details. Unfortunately we are not able to accept credit cards.

Muodoslompolo is reachable by coach from Muonio, Finland or we can arrange transport from this village 30 km from the site. Rovaniemi, Finland has more frequent times to Muonio.
Air flight: there are airports in Rovaniemi, Oulu, Kittilä.
Train: probably the most ecological and cheapest. Train from Helsinki – Rovaniemi. This is an overnight sleeper. You can get a sleeping bunk (100+€) or have a chair (about 40€ one way). When you are booking the form will ask for reserving your seat place. When you click there the page opens so that you can book a sleeping bunk. At the bottom of the page you can update the price.