Two Ravens
Two Ravens, Original lithograph Annette Høst, “Sweetheart and Handsome”

(Sweetheart and Handsome were siblings and raised to freedom by C when their parent(s) were killed by an ignorant neighbour.)

Song of Raven is a three-part series of shamanic healing workshops focused on soul-work from a shamanic-animistic perspective. The first is Soul Path & Retrieval followed by Ancestral Fathers and Mothers Shamanic healing (usually when Bear wakes up) and Death, Dying and Transformation. Each one is rooted in the other, building upon the work and experiences of the previous workshop(s).

These workshops may be taken whenever but usually the group fills up with the first Soul Path & Retrieval and continues for all three with maybe one or two openings. See calendar for offerings.

Part 1: Soul Path and Retrieval
Part 2: Ancestral Fathers and Mothers and Shamanic healing
Part 3: Death, Dying and Transformation