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A general question to ask of any therapist- healer:

Who takes care of you when you are dis-eased?

– My answer: I have several people whom I exchange work with. I also have two persons which I can discuss my work with should something uncomfortable arise. I often head into Forest or Sacred Sauna and ask what to do/whom to go to when the need arises.

The right answer is that there is someone they go too – in this reality! Perhaps a peer group, exchange group.

Do you cooperate with health centre and private physicians to help their patients?

– Yes.

Do you cooperate with psychotherapists, social workers, trauma counsellors, nurses, etc.?

– Yes.

In both cases the person for the care needs to be in the know and accept that shamanic healing work will be done on them. At least one f2f needs to take place before doing such work.

Do you charge for your services?

– Yes. I ask for payment exchange based on how you feel this is of value to your LIFE. If you earn what a psychotherapist earns per hour, I too expect the same confidence. Suggested is 100,00 € for session and follow-up session. If you are low-income we may be able to arrange something.
Shamanic healing sessions are one full session and a follow-up, minimum.
Shamanic counselling is minimum of 6 sessions.
Breathwork session is ten sessions price.
Ceremonies and Rituals have a negotiable price.
Lectures and presentations vary in fee also.
– Workshops prices vary on venue and responsibilities.
– All travel expenses must be covered.

If this is a spiritual gift, how can I charge for this gift?

– Because when people began coming to me for healing I went and discussed with my Spirit Helpers. They said back in 1994 or so – people give what they think it is worth in their LIFE.”
– I have charged a base rate while working in Tallinn. However that is going to change.
– I am not charging for the time and effort I have put in over the years for I cannot think in that manner. I am asking for money payment because you are most likely going to leave the area I live. You most likely will not be around to keep me supplied in basic necessities and then some. Traditionally, the shaman lived within a community of people- some relatives too. They made sure her needs were cared for while she cared for their needs. I have loans, electricity, insurances to pay which require money.

How long do sessions last?

– Between 2 hrs – all day or night.

What is best way to contact you?

– There isn’t. Best is to stick to one form of messaging and recommend emailing. I have lived on Siberian time. I do my best to respond as soon as I can.
– Phone calls: I only have mobile and facetime. Email please.

Where do you see people?

– I work on people at the moment in Espoo, Kuitinmäki as well as North Karelia at my private home. North Karelia is where I do Sacred Sauna and healing ceremonies. I can do house calls on a needs basis.
– Skype sessions I can do depending on reason.
– Long-distance healing / ceremonies are possible depending on reason.
– I prefer the traditional way: You Be Present.

How do I reimburse you?

– When we agree on meeting and session I will send you payment details for bank transfer. I do not accept credit cards or checks. Paypal is only if you really are unable to do a bank transfer (you live in North America!).

If it is not in the FAQs, send me an email.

The story behind the name Sola Voima

In 2000 I moved to North Karelia from the ”Ring III” inner regions (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa). North Karelia was then the wild, wild East! This was a place where I could do anything perhaps! At least that was the feeling then!

I did not want to return to working for someone else and continue with my passions and life path as side-dishes. This was the chance to pull together all the tools, learnings, work experiences and travels that I held in my pockets and create something new.

Back then I didn’t do all of what Sola Voima does now. The consistent Red Thread was then and now animism/shamanic healing and workshops. Because I wanted to support myself I knew that I needed to get all the ingredients onto business registrar. I am most certainly the first person in Finland who has used the word shamanism/shamanic/shamaanismi in their business registration and tax declarations.

Still, something was missing. So, following the old tradition of dreaming which has been with me since childhood…

I asked before sleeping: How do I get bread on the table?

I walked out the front door of the great log house I lived in then. There in the yard Mother Bear stood behind a huge iron pot. 300l iron pot. Steam rising. Enveloping her face and shoulders.

I asked her my question. Her huge brown nose rose through the steam and she answered: Soap.

”Soap?” I retorted. What the ?”#)! I know nothing about soap. Don’t even like using most of the soaps out there because I have sensitive skin and eczema which shows up now and again.

And so she and I discussed ethics of making soap, parameters, and ingredients. Details can be found on solasaippua.fi pages.

I awoke hollering in delight: Soap from Sola.. Sola Voima!

Now some eighteen years later, having moved from the small village of Sola and from the great house as well as selling off the soap-part in 2011, I ponder anew. What stays in my hive? What is crowding and needs removal? What is given more space, or cleaned up?

Thus these web-pages are expanding and evolving because as a dear friend said: ”Chrissy, it’s really hard to find you!”

I can be found wherever needed and called too. I work out of my forest home when in Ruotsinpyhtää.