Vision Quest

A Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self Healing

Place: Ruotsinpyhtää
Time: 6-14.8.2020

The Hartwell Vision Quest has been created to assist those who call for their dream of life. Participation on a Vision Quest starts long before one walks into the wilderness of nature. The seeds may have been planted long ago, in childhood, and your arrival may seem part of a process unfolding steadily and naturally. Or the decision may be sudden, a crisis of transition causing something long-hidden to burst forth with compelling force, a force one cannot deny or refuse. Or it may just seem ‘the right time’, an affirmative way to answer a question, mark a change or renew the spirit. Alone, in nature, we stand before our mother the earth; we stand before our gods and goddesses.
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This is a powerful ceremony so the sooner you commit to it the better so that you have a good preparation time.

We aim to send out about five to seven people. Teaching is mostly in English, with Finnish as needed.

As this is a such a personal and strong ceremony, we suggest that you contact Annie to talk about it mobile phone / WhatsUp / FaceTime: +44 (0) 7805 078858 (-2 hrs from Finland). Send an email to : subject Vision Quest

Venue: We quest in south east Finland in an area of moss covered stone people, carpeted bogs and granite cliffs, forest and hills and fields. The midnight sun and a veiled twilight accompany us. We will be on land that is home to many animals, birds and insects. All elements are present to help us in our call for vision. Our base camp is on the shores of a crystal clear lake.

Cost: We will divide the costs of the quest – rental of land etc – between all questers. We estimate this to be around 300-420€ per person. The final amount will be known on 11 April. We will all bring food to share. Then there is payment for Annie and Christiana. As this is a ceremony, payment to Annie and Christiana is by donation.

To book: you need to send a deposit of 150E by 10 April. For payment details please contact Christiana Harle at


Aug 06 - 14 2020


All Day


Ruotsinpyhtää, Loviisa, Finland