Shamanic Drum Birthing

Shamanic Drum Birthing

Place: Ruotsinpyhtää
Time: 7.-12.7.2020

The shaman’s drum is alive and has a spirit. This helping spirit is intimately connected with the shaman’s healing work whether for self, others or place. Within numerous cultures over the world the shaman’s drum can be heard pulsating in earth and sky and ourselves.

If we speak of tradition of shaman’s drum-making then we can speak of many years of it coming into being. These drum’s were not born overnight nor in a weekend. A shaman might dream of their drum for years or even days, and the work needed to birth it would last over days, nights, even years.

You are invited during this week-long retreat to bring your dream with you and become a co-creator, a doula, a birther. This drum may be your drum you use in shamanic healing, it may be your initiation onto another path of your Life, it may be a community drum.  Your path may be revealed through birthing of a shaman’s drum during this week-long intensive into the Spirit World, Spirits of Nature and your own world.

Read more about Drum Brithning from here->>

A basic workshop in shamanic healing/journeying is necessary to participate in this workshop or you have worked privately with someone. Please check with Christiana if you are uncertain.

There are maximum 12 places available on this workshop.

Co-taught with Tanja Kangas

Course is in English and Finnish with some Swedish, Norwegian if necessary.

Drums are made from reindeer skins and solid pine boards. There may be a selection of other wood boards to choose from depending on our little forest and Christiana’s two hands. More details when you reserve your place.

We prepare food together and take in all the rainbow variety of individual food needs as best as possible.

This workshop is alcohol- and drug free.

Please contact Christiana for available times: info (ät)


Jul 07 2020 - Jul 12 2020


All Day


Ruotsinpyhtää, Loviisa, Finland