My Body, My movement – Dance

Place: Patruunatalo, Iso Sali, Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää

Dates and times: 
18.10 klo 16
15.11 klo 16
19-20.12 Xtra! Saturday evening 7-11 pm and also Sunday morning 10am-1pm

When I was a teenager my best friend, or so-called best friend Amy and I were dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s music (in the days of vinyl records). She said to me: “You can’t dance”. That was in 1977. Problem was I loved to dance before then and afterwards. This was my friend, someone whom I actually admired (looking back, for all the wrong reasons!). Teenage years. Difficult. This stuck with me for years. More years than I care to admit. No one has the right to speak such things to anyone else. You can’t dance, You can’t sing. You can’t draw, etc etc. The constant comparison squashes every human’s innate ability to create, to breathe, to exist. So with this in mind, I would like to offer Minun kehoni, Minun liikeni tanssi / My Body, My movement – Dance sessions.

Beginning October – , Patruunatalo shall play host to an experimental My Body, My Movement – Dance sessions.

We gather together to Dance, explore movement, enjoy movement, learn about movement, stretch our bodies and boundaries, dance into light and rainbows, clouds and rain, thunder and lightening, dirt and mud – even the bog. My body, My movement is to enjoy my body’s movement and music. To express and explore. This is especially for those who are at home alone, who have fallen through the cracks yet still sense a glimmer of hope. We shall dance that hope!

In dance traditions there is embodied movement: when I take fully conscious movement, aware of connecting with space and place and time, heart and mind. This flows into ordinary life through becoming more present and aware of boundaries, more confidence of one’s own body and all its amazingness no matter the size, shape, constrictions, restrictions. Everyone can move or someone can assist and help you move! Gender and age are not present. All are welcome.

We will each be moving in our own space within the room, observing social distancing. Being together in a group yet distanced adds its own elements of explorations. Because the space is limited, so also the participants to twenty.

Sign-up: we would like this to be a drop-in event when the restrictions are dropped. In the meantime, you will need to reserve a place by sending a text message with name, date to Christiana +358 50 494 7030 who will respond with an acceptance message. The dance will run no matter if there is one person or full group. There may be a possibility for on-line closed group.

Place: Patruunatalo, Iso Sali

Dates and times:
18.10 klo 16
15.11 klo 16
19-20.12 Xtra! Saturday evening 7-11 pm and also Sunday morning 10am-1pm

With you: water/kombucha/mate bottle, small towel, clothes in which to move, ear plugs if sensitive ears.

Form: we open in circle, we dance, we close in circle. You do not have to dance the entire time. If you need to sit, rest, chill, ihmettele then you do so. There may be the occasional extra special guest who guides us.

Last minute: you can try and come at the last minute by sending a message to Christiana. Her phone will be open until 15 min before beginning the dance.

Cost: a basket is available for gifting. Half of any amount is given to the facility.
What is gifting? It goes beyond exchange which is “I do something for you and you have to then in return, give me something of equal value.” Gifting is giving that which you can, that which you feel lead to support the individual live/survive.

Led by Christiana Aro-Harle, who lives betwixt and between, across the river in Ruotsinpyhtää.


Dec 19 - 20 2020


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää