Listening for the voices of spirits: Path of the Seer

3-7 / 8 March, 2023 
West Cornwall 
With Annie Spencer & Christiana Aro-Harle

Annie Spencer and Christiana Aro-Harle come together to bring a rich tapestry of teachings from the west and from the east, from the Americas and from the Tuvan and Fenno-Ugric traditions, focusing on listening for the voices of Spirit as it is expressed through the spirits of the land, the waters, the ancestors…
This time together we will deepen our connection with the Medicine Wheel of the Eight Directions, learning how each direction holds a different voice through which teachings and healing can emerge.
This time together we will seek the inspiration of songs of Fenno-Ugric and Tuvan shamans for this voice of See-ing. Throughout the world amongst indigenous peoples the Seer has been found singing and speaking, being the river of verse, of song in serving others.
The Path of the See-r, the truth teller, is not just about a visual response to some inner stimuli but a deep listening to our lands and all the beings who inhabit that space. It is a listening to all the resonances created from a direct relationship with place and learning to engage all the senses.
Becoming the channel for what comes, or perhaps the sieve – learning to sift out the wisdom, knowledge, sometimes cryptic, sometimes sweet, sometimes straight as an arrow yet all arising from the depths of mother earth – is a long path of practice.
This time together will be spent exploring different ways to open ourselves to the earth. Can we listen and bring forth its voice, the clear words of knowledge or advice and wisdom? West Penwith is rich in ancient sites. We will explore how the spirits in the land communicate through them.
We will go out on the land individually, in pairs and as a whole group deepening into working with song, voice and words, with drum or staff.
If the time is right, we will practice designing and making group ceremony. As always we will make offerings of gratitude to the land and to the waters.
This workshop is open to those who wish to continue with work started with us and to those new to our ways.
The ceremony A Night on the Mountain of Fear will be held the night after the workshop (7-8.03). This is a chance for you to look at your fears in relation to the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel. The night out is separate from the workshop. The majority of people will go home at lunchtime on the 7th. If you choose to go for it you need to come prepared to sit up all night outside whatever the weather. Please email Annie if you want to participate, describing your intent and relevant past experience. There is a small extra charge for the night plus gifting for the ceremony holders.
To book for the workshop: Please send an email to Anne Spencer, OR Christiana, Bank details for deposit (100£) and payment will be provided at that time.
Cost 370£. Meals and food extra.
Venue: Rosemerrynwood, Lamorna is a beautiful house set in its own grounds which run down the valley to a small river and shelter a fogou (a prehistoric underground chamber). It is within walking distance of the sea. Bedrooms are shared.
Time of arrival: Afternoon Friday 3 March – morning Tuesday 7 March
ANNIE SPENCER, a ceremonialist and workshop leader with an Oxford MA and a diploma in Humanistic Psychology, has been running groups and trainings for over 30 years. Having been apprenticed in a North American tradition for seven years and later studied Guatemalan Mayan teachings for over a decade, Annie weaves these with the traditions of this land. Her experience is broad: Annie sees people one to one, runs groups, holds vision quests , takes teenagers out on the land, is currently holding an initiation programme for young women and has published many articles. As a teacher, Annie opens pathways for others – illuminating their life’s journeys. Her primary interest is the renewal of ancient ceremonial forms for creating a path of beauty upon Grandmother Earth. Visit her website:
CHRISTIANA ARO-HARLE (Chrissy), a shamanic healer, holds degrees as a Music Therapist, Breathwork Therapist, Beekeeper with a diploma in Women’s Consciousness, as well as a shamanic drum-birther. She has been working in the field of shamanic healing for over thirty years. Her path is woven with Land and Song, through Tuvan shamanic initiation with deepening paths into the Spirit of Song: the keener, the healer, the birther, the journeyer, the stinger. Christiana is passionate about supporting and guiding people to find their path, heal, remember and re-connect with Mother Earth and all Beings. Visit her website:



Mar 03 - 07 2023


All Day


Rosemerryn, Lamorna, West Cornwall
West Cornwall, UK