I love breathing!

January 13, 6 pm Stockfors
February 10, 10 am Stockfors
February 17, 6 pm Stockfors
March 10, 10 am Stockfors
March 13, 6 pm Stockfors
April 11, 5 pm Ruotsinpyhtää, WORLD BREATH DAY
April 14, 10 am Stockfors
May 12, 10 am Stockfors
May 19, 6 pm, Ruotsinpyhtää

10:00 am, Stockfors: 10.02, 10.03, 14.04, 12.05
6:00 pm, Stockfors: 13.01, 17.02, 13.03
6:00 pm, Ruotsinpyhtää: 19.05
5:00 pm, Ruotsinpyhtää: 11.04

This is an invitation to come and breathe together. In these times when we are being advised to keep our breath separate from one another through distancing and face-masks it is even more important that we explore and come to know breath, our breath.

Who is this for? Any and all who need support in their breathing; who want to explore how breath can be used to access and reinforce different thoughts and feelings; give a sense of boundaries as well as dissolve boundaries; for relaxation and focus; for supporting well-being in general and so much more. Using conscious breathwork, including biodynamic breathwork for breathing as a key for self-regulation and self-exploration.

This is an online– as well as in-place event. In-place for a few folks during CV-times: we keep distance. Hygiene observed.

Sliding scale: 10 – 25incl 24%VAT.
Payment details upon registration info (at) solavoima.fi.
Zoom link sent 1-3 days prior to meeting time. Last message checking is quarter hour before start.

Each session is guided by Christiana Aro-Harle.

Place: Stockfors, Pyhtää or Ruotsinpyhtää or Zoom.

Please send message to Christiana if you wish to attend or you have questions: info@solavoima.fi or +358 50 494 70 30 sms.

On-line you need: a warm, cozy blanket or sleeping bag; Yoga mat or similar; notebook and pen; water bottle; video contact via Zoom; internet connection; good speakers. Video contact needed during the breathing session so that I can follow your breathing, guide as needed.

In-place you need: a warm, cozy blanket or sleeping bag; Yoga mat or similar; notebook and pen; water bottle; indoor socks.

Please visit: https://solavoima.fi/breathwork/ for more information.


May 19 2021


N.B. April 11th and May 19th is at Ruotsinpyhtää!!!
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Stockfors, Pyhtää
Stockfors, Pyhtää

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