Death, Dying and Transformation: Part of the Dance of Raven set

Dance of Raven is a three-part song series of shamanic healing workshops focused on soul-work from a shamanic-animistic perspective. The first is Soul Path & Retrieval followed by Death, Dying and Transformation and Ancestral Fathers and Mothers Shamanic healing (usually when Honeypaws wakes up).

Each one is rooted in the other, building upon the work and experiences of the previous workshop(s).

Dance of Raven Song II
Death, Dying and Transformation

From a shamanic – animistic viewpoint Death is a part of Life. Or is it the other way around? One of the important traditional skills of the shaman was to assist those who were actively dying or who died and assist them to pass over into the Spirit World, be it Heaven, Nirvana, the Stars, etc.

Participants will be exposed to a shamanic view of death and meeting death and is a workshop for those who want to understand better the passage of death and for those who working in a profession which keeps them near those who are dying-looking Death in the face, or dead and want an animistic – shamanic understanding.

We will be working shamanically to familiarise ourselves with regions where one goes after death; working with unfinished business with the Dead and the Living; making relationship with Death as an advisor to the Living, creating ritual and the psycho-pomp often used in Transformation and Ceremony; and helping people to cross the borders between Life and Death and Finding the Path. Often involved is helping the Living to continue to Live and Remember with Joy and Celebration.

Although Christiana draws from a multi-cultural base, her focus is upon Tuvan shamanism as she learned whilst in Tuva as well as how song is used in keening (crying-singing found in all cultures of the world).

These workshops are teachings in shamanic techniques, the shamanic way and worldview. The foundation is an animistic worldview with purposeful intent on multi-cultural gleanings. Christiana threads together what she has gathered/lived/learned over 30 yrs of shamanic healing experiences as well as all that has occurred before! As always, Spirit will guide us and tailor-make this workshop just for those who gather together at this time.

Alcohol- and drug-free. This workshop is in Finnish/English.

Participants are asked to be well grounded in their own shamanic journey work and have firm contact with their power animals/spirit helpers and preferably have participated in a basic workshop.

You do not have to have a therapy background, but you are very, very welcome if you do!! And although we work with ourselves and with others in the group, this is not a therapy session! Preference given to those who join in on that workshop.

Only 10 places.

Place: 95355 Koivu, Lappi, Finland between Kemi – Rovaniemi

Price: 370 incl. 24% VAT. Price includes full board and breaks, all linens, shared rooms (2-3 persons), wood-burning sauna, teachings.

Reservations: 75 by 01.02.2022 Christiana +358 50 494 7030 text or Include name, email/contact info and message KOIVUdeath. Bank information sent. Refunds 14 days or less we are not returned. Sponsor someone! In event of cancellation, all payments returned. Upon receipt of reservation fee, arrival instructions and what to bring information shall be sent. Final payment two weeks before starting date: bank deposit, mobile pay.

Questions? Please contact Christiana.

Schedule: 17.02 arrival and begins 3 pm. with finish on Sunday 20.02 by 4 pm.

Getting to Koivu:
Koivu lies on a main road between Kemi and Rovaniemi. Train connections to Rovaniemi/Kemijärvi pass through Tervola which is the local train stop. Coaches also drive this route. Airflight if necessary: Rovaniemi and Oulu are main points of entry. From Helsinki, there are overnight trains to the north.

February: this is when winter’s back breaks; when Honeypaw rolls over in their den; when the night sky includes stars and perhaps even the Aurora Borealis. This is the time of crisp, dry cold, and snow (and a warm house and sauna!).


Feb 17 - 20 2022


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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